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Welcome Friend,
Hi, Sam Frederiksen is my name. So pleased that
you found the time to visit my personal website.Currently am involved in many businesses, ranging from my current day job as a carpenter, for a top end building company, to direct selling,marketing and advertising just to name a few. I was born in Denmark, and my family migrated to Brisbane, Australia whenI was only 2, whereI currently live and work. Some of my other interests are. Bush walking, going for drives in the country, dining out with friends, playing guitar and electric keyboard, love reading books (especiallypeople skill books, goal setting and life skills). Have attended many business seminars, have a passion for computers. I am currently single, with no kids, but love kids and family life. Love communicating with people from all over the world.

As you can imagine, I am very busy. I love my work, and love helping people achieve more out of life. However, I also find my time (as each year passes) , seems to be more important to me. So like most people, I been looking for ways to achieve the ultimate dream...... Both TIME and MONEY .... and guess what.

In November 2003 my life changed. just at the timeI didn't realize, how good things were going to be. I was at a stage in my life, THE CROSSROADS, where i was unsure where my future was headed. And by chance, I stumbled across a business. Discount Home Shoppers Club. Wow, what a positive change in my life. I found whatI was searching for. A way to achieve my dreams. Time and Money, by creating residual income.

I know what you thinking!!
Can I trust you? Answer :- Absolutely, and is F
ree to Join, I am accountable, reliable, honest and a very hard worker. Your future success, is my ultimate goal. I am personally committed to helping, anyone that wants a better life. Your success is very important to me.

Can I do this?Answer :- Yes, why? Because the training which is offered is so simple to follow, learn at your own pace. As well as a brilliant training center, there is an upline team in place to help you to succeed, and answer your questions. I am personally committed to this business, and offer members any assistance that they require.

Your Road to Success

To tell the truth, I was very skeptical at first, like you, probably thinking why DHS Club? How is DHS Club different to all the other hype on the net? Well I know how you feel. I been involved in many business's (which mind you, at first looked liked gold mines) , only to invest time and money into them, just to see them disappear, or simply not grow or create income, generally they just created more debt. I felt like this just be another one of those schemes. But you know what I found out. DHS Club was not like the rest.I found the business to be very professional, and unlike most home based business's I been involved with, Found DHS Club to have a fantastic Business Plan. Where a system has been put in place that actually educates its members, and teaches them how to build a successful network. But not only that, they even help put members into your network and help you develop the skills required. (That I personally never seen in any business) Not only doI strongly recommend joining as a free member, but also encourage you to complete some of the training and upgrade to a VIP MEMBER. by subscribing to the ClubAdvantage Business Building System. (we guarantee this works 30 Day Money Back Guarentee)Your life will change for the better. I am personally committed to helping all members, that request assistance.

I have found everything, to be above board. Love the training, and the people involved with DHSClub. Dick Burke CEO of company, has proven to be very honest, good values and has your interests at heart.A True modern day Leader. Are you on the road to success? Where is your life headed?

Allow me to assist you, in achieving your dreams

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